Photos: Giants and Bones at Christmas Island

Written by: Tim Cundari

That’s how you celebrate fulfilling a dream you’ve had for 20 years.
Photos courtesy Tim Cundari

Making it to Christmas Island has been a 20-year goal and dream for me. This April I made the pilgrimage. In order to enjoy and maximize the experience, I knew preparation for the elements and fishing was paramount. The staff at Orvis Portland (OR) were key in helping me prepare for the type of fishing and elements I was going to face.

Oh yeah, and there are some bonefish there, as well. . .

Our group spent one day targeting large Giant Trevally in the lagoons of Christmas. The fish in this picture was a 50 pound beast that I fought to a standstill. My Clearwater 12-weight, paired with a Hydros Large Arbor Saltwater reel, got the job done. When you get a dream shot, you have to be ready, and I was.

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