Photos: Glorious Fall Trout Fishing in the Southeast

Written by: Jimmy Harris, Unicoi Outfitters

Angler Steven Meyer basks in incredible foliage on the Nantahala River in North Carolina.
Photo by Jimmy Harris

Jimmy Harris—a partner in Unicoi Outfitters in Helen, Georgia—sent in these great shots of fall fishing in the Southeast. Those of us in New England sometimes forget that there’s great foliage and glorious fall trout fishing in other parts of the country, too, so it’s nice to get a reminder.

Audrey Burns fights a trout on the upper Chattahoochee River as the guide readies for the scoop.
Photo by Jimmy Harris

6 thoughts on “Photos: Glorious Fall Trout Fishing in the Southeast”

  1. I normally fish by myself. I understand wanting to minimize the trauma to improve a fish’s chances of survival when practicing catch and release, but is it common for friends/guides to net the fish so far from where the angler is standing?

    1. It looks like the fish ran into a lower pool, and then was fought into the riffle beside the pool. As a former guide, that fish should absolutely be netted there and not fought back upstream. If you are fishing solo, it would be incumbent on you to go to the fish or break off intentionally in that same situation.

    2. The goal of many guides is to keep the fight as short as possible. While this image may not portray the most common method, I have seen this done a lot, especially if the fish happens to be a a good netting spot.

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