Photos: How Do You Know She’s “The One”?

Written by: Mike Gilman


Editor’s note: I was scrolling the the fly-fishing subreddit awhile ago and came across these great photos. I asked the person who posted them to drop me a note with the story behind the pictures, and here’s what Mike Gilman sent. *Insert obvious “keeper” joke here.*

First, there was disbelief . . .

During our engagement, my wife and I discovered our mutual love for fly fishing. It was the perfect way for us to spend our weekends, doing what we love: being active and spending time out in nature. We live in Clemson, South Carolina, and usually fish the Eastatoe, Chauga, and Chattooga Rivers. 

Then the realization of how lucky he was . . .

Liz has always enjoyed a good prank, and when we decided to do a “First Look” photo shoot on the day of the wedding, she couldn’t help herself. I was building anticipation just waiting to see her in her gown! I was so nervous, and looking around I could see my groomsmen with huge smiles on their faces – I could only imagine how beautiful she looked. She tapped me on the shoulder, and when I turned around, to my surprise, there she was ready to fish! Immediately, my nerves vanished, and we all had a good laugh.

And then the big hug.

As if you can’t tell in the great shots captured by our photographer, Rony Rivera, it was pretty awesome!  

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  1. My handsome son and gorgeous daughter in law! Thanks for sharing. How many couples have fly fishing gear on thier bridal registry? Well, at least these 2.

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