Photos: Last Day on the Mountain Stream

This is one of the larger browns I’ve ever caught so high up on the mountain.
All photos by Phil Monahan

Yesterday, I posted a few photos by Phoebe Bean, which she shot yesterday during our glorious afternoon on a local mountain stream. (Her phone certainly takes better pictures than mine.) Although hers was an all-brookie affair, I was fishing downstream from where she was, and I actually got into quite a few brown trout.

It was very cool to be wet-wading on October 28th in Vermont, something I’ve never done before. I will say that the water was cold enough that my feet actually hurt. . .that is, until I couldn’t feel them any more. But it was a great way to say goodbye to my favorite pocketwater stretch for another year.

This is dreamy pocketwater, with lots of plunge pools and slots.

The brook trout are at peak color, a couple weeks behind the foliage.

Wet wading in October? It took about an hour for me to regain feeling.

These long pools are often where the brown trout hang out.

This little fellow came from beneath a boulder to hit the Stimmy.

A perfect Green Mountain plunge pool, deep enough to swim in.

I caught more browns than I’ve ever caught in a single outing on this stream.

4 thoughts on “Photos: Last Day on the Mountain Stream”

  1. I’m just curious what times of day are you guys heading out. noon? doesn’t it really matter also where are these little streams in vt.

    1. Hi Kristofor,

      Phoebe was out during lunchtime, and I was an hour or so later. I would guess that best fishing is between 11a.m. and 3p.m. You can find streams like this almost anywhere in the mountains of Vermont. There are literally hundreds of them in the state. This one is in the southwestern corner, not too far from our offices.

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