Photos: Learning on the Water

Written by: Kati Rouse,  Rouse Fly Fishing

Gracie finally hooks up after some instruction from new guide, Kati.
Photos by Jeff Rose

The other day, I had the pleasure of taking out Gracie Edwards, co-owner of Fayettechill in Arkansas. She had never had anyone teach her how to cast a fly rod and had not caught a fish in the last couple of years, despite having gone fishing a handful of times. With a couple of adjustments, she was casting like a champ and immediately broke her no-fish streak. What a blast! How rewarding to be a part of that moment.

Katie gets the boat ready, as Gracie gets the lay of the land.

As a newbie to the guide scene, I have been overwhelmed by the support and encouragement from both men and women, fishy and non fishy people. I am loving it!

Women teaching women is a great way to grow the sport.

Kati Rouse is co owner of Rouse Fly Fishing in Arkansas with husband and mentor, Jamie. She is now offering half day trips for women only. Inspired by #5050onthewater.

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