Photos: Lodge-Record Brown Trout on the Snake River

Written by: Justin Hays, The Lodge at Palisades Creek

Angler Matt McDonald (left) streamered-up this monster while floating the Snake on Sunday.
Photos courtesy The Lodge at Palisades Creek

On Sunday, our head guide, Jaason Pruett, was guiding Matt McDonald and Mike Dubose on the main stem of the Snake River, about an hour away from our lodge here on the South Fork. This huge brown trout—29 inches long and 15 pounds—ate a large olive Sex Dungeon streamer. The fish was released, of course, and swam away healthy.

Justin Hays is the General Manager of The Lodge at Palisades Creek, in Irwin, Idaho.

Here’s another angle on the beast, which was 29 inches long.

On the same day, Mat caught this fine, snakier trout, as well.

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  1. I was able to fish the south fork with my dad and uncle in the 60s. He lived in Ririe and fished it with an old fiberglass over wood boat with a tiller. It had a propeller, he knew that river like the back of his hand. His life jackets were Purex jugs tied together. It was an awesome experience for me then. He tied a fly he called the renegade, we caught huge fish there then as well, but not as big as yours.

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