Photos: Lunchtime Spey-Casting Lessons at Orvis HQ

Written by: Dan Davala, Orvis Travel

Pete Kutzer demonstrates the proper technique on the pond at the Orvis home office.
Photo by Jackie Jordan

Spring has finally arrived here in beautiful southern Vermont, and it’s getting pretty easy to find an excuse to be outside as much as possible during the work day. So at lunchtime today, Pete Kutzer, Bill Reed, and I put on a Spey-casting class for anyone in the building that was interested, and judging by the turnout, it seems to have been just the excuse our colleagues and friends were looking for.

A mighty quiver of two-hand rods was ready for the students.
Photo by Dan Davala

We strung a small arsenal of rods and started everyone off in the grass, where they learned how little energy is required to make a basic forward roll cast with a two-handed fly rod. After teaching everyone how to toss just a little more line into their “D-Loop” to energize the cast, it was time to hit the water and apply these principals in a more realistic scenario. The result: lots of fun, lots of smiles, and lots of beautiful, effortless casts rolling out over the pond.

Orvis President Bill McLaughlin came out for a lesson from Dan Davala.
Photo by Jackie Jordan

Everyone did an awesome job, and everyone learned a thing or two about the efficiency of two-handed rods and the associated “Spey”-type casts. In the process, they also learned how these same casts can be applied to their single-hand rods, which will absolutely increase their effectiveness and enjoyment the next time they hit the water. . .probably this evening.

Understanding how little effort is required with a long rod is step #1.
Photo by Jackie Jordan

It was a great way to spend a sunny Friday afternoon, and I am definitely looking forward to the next long lunch hour, casting with my friends here at the Orvis home base.

Dan Davala is a Sporting Travel Planner for Orvis Travel.


Some folks got the hang of it right away.
Photo by Jackie Jordan

Then it was time to try the new techniques on the water.
Photo by Dan Davala

No fish were harmed in the course of the lessons.
Photo by Jackie Jordan

Talk about a perfect setting. . .
Photo via Orvis Webcam

What a great way to spend a glorious May lunch hour!
Photo by Dan Davala

2 thoughts on “Photos: Lunchtime Spey-Casting Lessons at Orvis HQ”

  1. Yay! Love seeing Dan Davala out there teaching people how to cast a two handed rod! We were lucky to have him down here in DC for so many years setting up the Tidal Potomac Fly Rodders and hosting free club casting lessons on the potomac river with two handed rods along with master caster John Bilotta. We miss him down here, but so nice to see him doing well in VT and teaching the head of the company no less.

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