Photos: Maggie Mae’s Annual Fall Trip Into Yellowstone

The chance to hunt big, healthy fish drows anglers to Yellowstone after most of the tourists have gone.
Photos courtesy Maggie Mae Stone

Every October, Maggie Mae Stone—a former Trout Bum of the Week who guides for The Tackle Shop in Ennis, Montana—spends three days in Yellowstone National Park, chasing the big fish that run up out of Hebgen Lake and into the Madison, Firehole, and Gibbon Rivers. (Click here to see the photos from last year’s adventure.) The trip always produces a few real beauties, as you can see from these photos. If you want to plan your own fall excursion into the park, check out Brian McGeehan’s excellent post on where to find the best fishing in October.

Maggie Mae Stone is a guide at The Tackle Shop in Ennis, Montana, as well as a .

The rainbows are also trying to fatten up before th long winter.

This nice male has a deep body and the beginnings of a pronounced kype.

You can see why Maggie heads back into the park every year!

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  1. Ran into Maggie last Friday at the Baker’s Hole Campground area. A real sweetheart and very informative. Will look her up as a guide on our next visit.

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