Photos: Maggie’s Opening Day on the Upper Madison

Written by: Maggie Mae Kuhlman, Lone Mountain Ranch

It was worth braving the cold and rain to catch beautiful trout like this one on streamers.
All photos courtesy Maggie Mae Kuhlman

Last weekend was opening day on the Upper Madison. Although we can fish the lower and some sections of the upper river year-round, the majority of the upper is closed until the middle of May. We used our jet boat to get to a section of the inlet on Ennis Lake, which few other anglers can get to without rowing quite a way.

Maggie’s husband, Tim, show off a fine Upper Madison brown.

It was windy and rainy both days, but the fishing was so good, you didn’t even notice. I think at one point I had seven layers on.

The most productive combo was dead-drifting a white Krystal Bugger trailing with a bright purple or pink Lightning Bug. I call the technique “strymphing,” short for “streamer nymphing.” [Editor’s note: Perhaps Maggie should try a Murray’s Strymph.]

Dennis Dedmen’s rainbow was a little snaky, but it should fatten up over the long summer.

Maggie Mae Kuhlman is a guide at Lone Mountain Ranch in Big Sky, Montana, as well as a former Trout Bum of the Week.

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