Photos: Married on the San River

It’s hard to think of a more beautiful setting for a wedding kiss.
Photos by Chris Wojtoń

Last month, we posted a great set of photos from a fly-fishing wedding up north. (See “An Alaska Wedding to Remember.”) Interestingly, we had seen photos from another fly-fishing wedding, this one in Poland, even before we saw the Alaska set. We asked the blog reader, Anna Wojciechowska, for more images and a story, and last week, she filled us in:

For as long as I can remember, my whole family love fly fishing. My dad, two younger brothers, and even my mom like to cast a fly rod. I just had to meet a fly-fishing husband. . .and it happened.

Our wedding took place in July 2014, in my hometown, Rymanów, in southern Poland. The ceremony was located very close to our most beloved place to fish, the San River, which is found in the most beautiful Polish mountains, the Bieszczady.

Neither of us could imagine a wedding anywhere else than near the San , where we spent almost every free time fly fishing.

Enjoy these great shots of a successful(!) wedding-day on the water.

Unconventional wading gear doesn’t slow this couple down.

Sometimes, the shoes don’t match the dress.

Is there a fish in their future together?

That’s a pretty nice wedding-day cast.

Was that the sound of a rise?

Fish on!

You may now kiss the bride.

The fish, the rings, the dress, the smile. . .an incredible day for Anna.

The newlyweds release the fish to be caught again. . .perhaps by the groom next time.

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