Photos: New Zealand’s Monster Brown Trout

Written by: Patrick B. Blackdale, Willowfly Anglers

The depth of body on some of the New Zealand fish is astonishing.
Photos by Dylan Rome

Here are some awesome photos from our guide Dylan Rome from his adventure in New Zealand last winter. Dylan has been guiding for Willowfly Anglers for four years. Despite being young, he is an exceptionally fishy guy and an absolute pleasure to fish with. Dylan hails from Texas, where he returns for mud seasons to fish for redfish between his many other fishing adventures.

Patrick Blackdale is a fishing guide for Willowfly Anglers at Three Rivers Resort, in Almont, Colorado.

You need to do a lot of hiking to find fish, but even the walk is gorgeous.
Photos by Dylan Rome

A buck like this puts up a big fight.
Photos by Dylan Rome

The tail on this fish is a sign of its advanced age. What a beast.
Photos by Dylan Rome

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