Photos of the Day: A Four-Legged Rod Thief in Yellowstone

“This better not have an Elk-Hair Caddis on the end.”
Photo by Josh Berry

John McKinnie of Lone Mountain Ranch—in Big Sky, Montana—sent in these interesting images from last weekend, along with a note:

On a recent trip to the Firehole River inside Yellowstone National Park, one of my shop crew and future guide, Josh Berry, learned a quick lesson on not leaving your fly rod unattended on the river bank.

That cow elk must have been just as excited as we were that the fish were looking up for big bugs!

Here’s a nice Firehole brown trout that was searching for salmonflies or golden stones on the surface.
Photo by Josh Berry

6 thoughts on “Photos of the Day: A Four-Legged Rod Thief in Yellowstone”

  1. If it had been a grizzly bear the photo would have been priceless! It just goes to show you that anyone can look good casting with an Orvis combo!

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