Photos of the Day: A Helios 2 and a Modest Proposal

Nick hands “his” new fly rod to his girlfriend.
Photo courtesy Nick Bentele

These photos and email (below) come from Orvis customer Nick Bentele. But first a little background: According to Matt Dooley, who runs the Rod & Tackle department at the Orvis Roanoke facility, Nick wanted to propose to his (then) girlfriend and chose to use Orvis as a vehicle for that. He built her a Helios 2 8-weight and got her an Access reel with redfish line to go on it. He put the ring in one of our fly boxes.

She said yes!

I had been talking about the H2 for weeks. She was getting annoyed. Then the Orvis podcast came out featuring the H2. I told her on Monday that I was going to buy one, and she said we had to discuss it first. Then last night, after dinner, I told her we needed to talk about the rod. She was irritated and annoyed even before I pulled the rod out of my travel case. When I started assembling it, she began to fume. She refused to look at me or the rod after repeated attempts for me to hand it to her. Finally, her 11-year old son encouraged her to read the inscription. Then came the tears…

A lot can be learned by observing someone in shock. I expected the surprise to catch her off guard but thought I would hear questions like “Really? We are getting married? Do you mean it?” Instead the questions that sped around her head and out of her mouth were, “Really? The rod is mine? We are going redfishing?”

I think I made two good decisions.

We wish them the best of luck, on their redfish trip and their impending nuptuals!

The inscription on the rod served as Nick’s proposal.
Photo courtesy Nick Bentele

13 thoughts on “Photos of the Day: A Helios 2 and a Modest Proposal”

  1. Dude, get that ring back, ASAP. Girlfriends have no say in what rod you buy. Giving me that kind of attitude over a rod purchase without ring in place = hit the bricks. I am saluting the red flags this guy is ignoring. Terrible story. I hope that guy gets to fish after this chick neuters him. Red flag number two, “her 11-year old son encouraged her to read the inscription”. Oh god this is terrrible.

      1. Agreed. I applaud him for being man enough to take on the extra responsibility of a child who’s not his own. All the best of luck to them both.

    1. Tommy, I’ve heard you say a lot of stupid stuff in your day, but this one is the stupidest. You should have stopped at “Dude”, but you didn’t, and now the fly fishing world knows I raised my son to be a giant douche. Your idiotic statements and lack of understanding also show the Orvis message board world why you have trouble sustaining a meaningful relationship. Son, please stop making me facepalm myself, which is what I do every time I re-read your post.

      Couple of thoughts, Tommy:
      1) Some couples who are considering marriage discuss money, purchases and budgets when discussing the possibility of marriage. Maybe they’re helping each other get out of debt before the nuptials or ring come, or maybe they’re just trying to prepare as individuals to enter into marriage as financially strong for their partner as possible. Either way, it’s a wise move.

      2) Nick seems to be able to make decisions for himself, as you can see in the picture. He got a hair cut, shaved his mug, and he also dressed himself. All wins. It appears he is in some type of dwelling that contains furniture and lighting; I’ll assume its his home. More winning. I imagine he spent time making sure he wanted to marry this girl before he proposed. Chalk up another one. Now, it appears you may not be capable of thoughtfully considering words before you speak or type them, let alone make a decision like this, but Nick does seem to be capable of such things. It would be wise for you to learn from a guy like this rather than speak foolishness.

      3) The next time you think of typing a response like this, don’t. Or if you’re going to do it, don’t use our surname. It’s embarrassing. Call yourself Tommy Bahama or something else that matches the low level of thought you put into your post.

      4) Not everyone chooses extended adolescence as a lifestyle. Some boys grow up to be men, and from the looks of it, it happened a long time ago with Nick. You’re free to be a boy your entire life, but don’t you dare rail on someone who decides to be a man.

      5) Call your mother once in a while. She misses you.

  2. Well, I think it’s sweet. Her bad attitude was, I’m sure, about spending money way over budget.

    Best wishes to you and may you be blessed with many years of fishing together!

  3. Before anyone passes judgment, you should all know that we had both promised to consult with each other before making any major expenditures. Also, my email failed to convey how downright annoying I had been for the last two weeks! I pushed Sara’s patience and understanding to the limit and can’t fathom how any sensible person in her scenario would act any different.

    Thank you, Orvis, for your help and thank you all for the kind words…. Now who has got some suggestions for a fall redfish honeymoon?!?

  4. Oh yeah, I should mention that this would have been my fifth rod in two years. Does that help clarify?!?

    This is her first rod and it’s nicer than any of mine. Only the best for my best!!

  5. Thanks Orvis Crew! The H2 is the best “engagement rod” ever!! Now, how do we go about getting signed up for the Orvis Wedding Registry?!

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