Photos of the Day: A Portrait of the Angler as a Young Man—2013 Edition

Young Graeme shows off a beautiful, wild Dean River steelhead.
All photos courtesy John Sharp

We’ve posted several times about the travels and skills of young angler Graeme Sharp, who is just 13 years old. We’ve showed him with a lovely steelhead, his first bonefish, a hard-to-handle Exuma bone he caught a year later, and an August 2012 trip to Alaska’s Copper River.

Yesterday, Graeme’s dad, John, sent us a bunch of pictures from the past year, including images from British Columbia’s Dean River and Mexico’s Ascension Bay. This is clearly a young angler who is going places.

Graeme took this Ascension Bay baby tarpon while wading the mangroves.

This fine Ascension Bay snook put up a tough fight.

This jack completed Graeme’s unorthodox flats slam.

6 thoughts on “Photos of the Day: A Portrait of the Angler as a Young Man—2013 Edition”

  1. Pretty darn awesome! When I was 13, I was thrilled just to catch bluegill from a pond with 50c balsa wood poppers. With the street cred you’ve built up catching those beautiful fish, Graeme, you’ve got a job waiting for you at our fly shop in Montana! Keep it up.

  2. Maybe it’s just me, but I think I’d rather see photos of a 13 year old at a farm pond with a cane pole catching bluegill with crickets.

  3. Trust me that if a farm pond was the order of the day, he’d spend his waking hours trying to catch blue gill with a cane pole, crickets and poppers. The addiction is to catching fish by any fair means. It’s all good.

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