Photos of the Day: A Vermont Brook Trout Patchwork

The many patterns and colors of wild Vermont brookies are amazing to behold in this fashion.
Images by Jason Gragen

Jason Gragen is a Vermont angler who lives just over the mountains from Orvis HQ, and he posts beautiful images of brook trout to our Facebook page pretty regularly. He created these very cool patchwork images that really highlight the magic of brook-trout skin. One of the reasons I love catching these little fish is that every one of them is brilliantly gorgeous in its own way.

It’s hard to beat native beauty.
Images by Jason Gragen

4 thoughts on “Photos of the Day: A Vermont Brook Trout Patchwork”

  1. love it when an anrtist can open my eyes to the little things I overlook. I had not idea there were so many different fingerprints to Brook Trout.

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