Photos of the Day: Big Browns on the Owyhee

Liz Caval just received a Master’s degree, as well as a degree in dry-fly fishing.
All photos courtesy Evan Williams

Evan Williams and Liz Caval took a desert adventure to The Big O—Oregon’s Owyhee River—to celebrate Liz’s recent graduation from a Masters-degree program by setting their sights on another huge milestone: catching an Owyhee brown. This spring has been really windy, but Evan says that the browns “are still getting after it.” His top patterns have been an RS2 and Gray Caddis. Liz’s first fish, shown below, took a size 18 Caddis off the surface and represented her graduation to accomplished angler.

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  1. I have been enjoying your podcasts for several months now & learn something very useful from each. How about a show on fishing mountain lakes without a belly float or other tube device.

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