Photos of the Day: Brookies and Tigers and Catfish, Oh My!

Written by: Stu Thompson

Stu with a sweet catfish, taken on the DDH Leech.
All photos courtesy Stu Thompson

[Editor’s Note: We’ve posted a couple of times about Stu Thompson, who catches all kinds of crazy fish in Manitoba. (See here.) Below is an update he emailed in last week.]

He does, occasionally, fish for trout, too, and here’s a big tiger.

I’ve had not too bad a year. The fishing in Manitoba was unreal, as anglers were catching big browns, rainbows, brookies, tigers, and all the other types of fish we have. So here is a variety of shots of fish taken on the DDH Leech and even some smallmouth bass on poppers.

This smallie ate a surface popper.

Stu’s buddy landed a fat, colorful brook trout.

Holding a tiger bu the tail before release.

Another of Stu’s buddies with a fat cat.

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