Photos of the Day: Can You Say “Youghiogheny”?

This 23-inch brown trout ate an Isonychia dry fly.
Photo by Mike Steiner

Guide Mike Steiner of the Nemacolin Field Club sent me some photos of recent fish from the Youghiogheny River in southwestern Pennsylvania, along with a note:

These photos highlight some of the fish we have been catching. Southwestern Pennsylvania has been churning out the big fish for the last few years, with this year being one of the better in recent memory. These fish have been caught on a variety of different nymph and dry-fly patterns. (Notice that I did not say streamers.) I really think the Yough is sneaking up the ladder of must-fish rivers on the East Coast, and these fish are the reason why.

By the way, the name of the river is pronounced yock-i-gay-nee. Most folk call it “The Yock.”

The rainbows grow pretty fat, too.
Photo by Mike Steiner

A tiny Pheasant Tail nymph fooled this big guy.
Photo by Mike Steiner

6 thoughts on “Photos of the Day: Can You Say “Youghiogheny”?”

  1. I grew up on the Yough. I lot of good memories of my father and I canoeing up and down the river fishing.

  2. I live 1 1/2 hour from there and its one of my favorite places to fish. It can be a hard task master at times but is always an enjoyable day, regardless of the fish caught.

  3. I recognize a lot of those spots! That area is all tackle right? May have to head down there with some crayfish and crawlers to finally get a wall hanger!

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