Photos of the Day: Chattahoochie Unicorn

John McCloskey with an official “Unicorn” caught by his client over the weekend.
Photos courtesy River Through Atlanta

Guide John McCloskey—of River Through Atlanta Chattahoochee River Guide Service in Roswell, Georgia—sent in these photos of a beastly brown trout landed on Sunday by one of his clients. The fish ate a size 10 Copper John nymph, fished on a 6-weight Superfine rod.

Anglers on the Internet throw around terms like “unicorn” and “gator” to describe huge browns, and whether you like such slangy terms or not, this fish certainly qualifies. Personally, I think “Chattahoochee Unicorns” sounds like a cool band name.

Maybe we can get the guys from SCoF to PhotoShop the horn on there. . . .

One thought on “Photos of the Day: Chattahoochie Unicorn”

  1. John McCloskey is a dear friend and my only guide for da HOOCH. Never one to hesitate to “critique” my errant casts, or my tardiness in responding to twitch of strike indicator, he is my brother and cohort in piscatorial endeavours. I have a lovely Superfine 1wt full flex 5.5. First time on da HOOCH with “Rosie Grace”, he had me attach a 3X leader to my flyline, to which he tied a hopper; dropping off that terrestrial he tied 5X tippet down to 6X tippet. Without giving away the location of that stretch of the River, I brought trout out of 9 to 12 feet of water.
    Hope to get back to Hotlanta soon. John and I have a little catching up to do.
    Don’t want anyone to think I have a “thing” for Superfine rods. I own only four of ’em. My fifth will be a 3wt – perhaps the Carbon … but ah jest loves the Glass!

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