Photos of the Day: Colonial Stripers on Martha’s Vineyard

Dylan Snell (left) and Brendan Curry show off the latest Orvis saltwater apparel.
Photos by Kyle Leard

Sometimes, very strange things show up in my email inbox. When I first saw these images of Orvis fly-fishing instructor Dylan Snell and Brendan Curry—who both work at the Manchester Fly Fishing School—I knew I had to get the story behind them, and their fellow instructor, Kyle Leard, filled me in. Apparently, Brendan enjoys browsing the “Winhall Mall,” in Winhall, Vermont, where he lives. If you’re familiar with the town, just up the mountain from Manchester, you might be thinking, “There’s no mall in Winhall.” And you’d be right.

Staring off into the briny deep, wonder what lies beyond the horizon.

The “Winhall Mall” is really Brendan’s code word for the town dump, and while he was perusing the merchandise on display recently, he came across these costumes and decided to bring them on a fishing trip to Martha’s Vineyard. When the fishing was slow, he and Dylan Snell decided to play dress-up to break the monotony. I have forwarded these images to our product-development team, who are now working on waterproof, breathable models of these snazzy coats.

There were actually striper caught on the trip, as well.

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