Photos of the Day: Colorado High-Country Trout at Ice-Out

That’s a slab cutthroat anywhere, but it feels even better when you had to hike in to catch it.
Photos by Jon Hill

We’ve previously posted several times about Colorado angler and blogger Jon Hill‘s forays into the Colorado mountains in search of cutthroats. (See herehereherehere, and here.) Here’s his latest set of photos and dispatch:

With the late snow storms we received this spring here in Colorado, it has been tough finding lakes in the high-country that are ice free. Fortunately, I got some intel that a couple of lakes were just about free of ice, and I talked my friends Shawn and Carper into hiking up to these lakes that sit at roughly 12,000 feet above sea level. Needless to say, we got lucky and hit the lakes at the perfect time.






7 thoughts on “Photos of the Day: Colorado High-Country Trout at Ice-Out”

  1. A few of those bruts should have been ponked, and eatin. They are older fish now, and definitely have gone to eating other small fish rather than strictly on the bugs.

  2. Awesome! Which lake was the one in the vid? My girlfriend and I have been trying to figure it out! Thanks for making such an incredible video!

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