Photos of the Day: Combat Fishing. . .Literally

Written by: Phil Monahan

That’s actually pretty good-looking water. Too bad about the nets.
Photo courtesy Dennis Meyer

Those of us who have fished a popular spot on Opening Day or who have tried to catch sockeyes on the Russian River in Alaska think we know what “combat fishing” is, but Orvis customer Dennis Meyer sent us these pictures of the real deal, along with a note:

Here are some pics of me while I was in Iraq, Working with State Department as a Diplomatic Security Agent. I carry my rods with me everywhere I travel just in case I find some water where I can fish.I had a three-man protective detail around me just so that i could say that I fly-fished in Iraq. Sadly, i didn’t catch any fish, due to the over fishing with nets, but i still had fun, casting my Hydros rods and reels. I hope you enjoy these pics as much as I did.

So there’s one lesson for the future: When combat fishing, watch your backcast. . .but make sure you bring other guys to watch your actual back. And this is one situation in which a vest is mandatory.

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