Photos of the Day: First Fish, Big Smile

Katie’s first fish was a true stunner, with incredible spots.
All photos by Wade Fellin, Big Hole Lodge

Guide Wade Fellin of Big Hole Lodge sent in these photos, along with a note that reveals more than a little pride:

Yesterday, my girlfriend, Katie Monnin, caught her first fish on a fly, and it was almost as big as her smile after setting the hook! She spent the morning getting her casting down before hooking and landing this beautiful brown on a hopper on the Big Hole, all by herself.

I think my first fish on a fly was a five-inch bluegill, so I think Katie’s started out pretty well.

The beautiufl Big Hole brown trout ate a hopper pattern along the bank.

That’s the smile of a woman who has discovered a new joy in life.

Katie wasn’t done with that first fish, though. There were more soon after. . .

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