Photos of the Day: First Look at Last Weekend’s Carpocalypse!

Orvis Retail’s Outdoor Merchant Rob Tibbet shows off a prize fish.
All photos by John Montana

On Saturday and Sunday, anglers from around the country came together in Kennewick, Washington, to take part in the 2013 Carpocalypse on the Columbia River. The event is a catch-and-release fly-fishing tournament, and the goal is to raise awareness for the Bristol Bay Pebble Mine issue and to provide anglers with “an awesome time.”

Here are our first photos from the event, featuring Orvis’s own Rob Tibbett, as well as Adam McNamara, Fishing Manager of Orvis Portland and one of the founders of the Carpocalypse. It looks as if anglers found plenty of willing fish, which makes for a killer tournament.

Watch this space for a full wrap-up.

Adam McNamara, Fishing Manager of Orvis Portland, celebrates success.

Rob sends one back to get bigger for next year’s event.

Doubling up on double-digit carp will put a smile on your face.

Rob counts coup on yet another golden bonefish.

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