Photos of the Day: Getting Hexed on the Boardman River

Written by: Ben Brown, Orvis Streamside

Fly-fishing in the dark has its drawbacks, but the rewards can be spectacular.
All photos courtesy Ben Brown

The Hex hatch has been producing large fish on the Boardman River, and these photos show some of the great browns we’ve been catching. The top photo shows two fish that my friend, Thane Herbert, and I caught on the Fourth of July. Thane is on the bottom, and I’m on the top. The top fish taped out at 20 inches, and the bottom one at 21. These fish both fed in the same slot, about ten yards from each other! To add to the excitement, the big brown on the bottom was Thane’s first fish on a dry fly.

Ben Brown works at Orvis Streamside, a dealer in Traverse City, Michigan.

2 thoughts on “Photos of the Day: Getting Hexed on the Boardman River”

  1. The big boys play at night! It is a lot harder but well worth the effort and I always advise having a partner along.

  2. First on a dry?! Nice work, but your spoiled for life now. Your gonna be one of those guys stumbling into the fly shop with blood shot eyes, you wont sleep for days, hex fever!

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