Photos of the Day: Lena’s Lunker

It may not be as pretty as a brown trout, but Lena looks mighty happy to have landed such a brute.
Photo by Martin Turek

Proud father Martin Turek sent in these photos, along with the story behind them:

My daughter Lena caught this sucker on the Manistee River (below Tippy Dam) while trying for the brown trout that where in position to steal some eggs. She was using my new 6-weight Access Switch Rod; in fact, this was the first fish to be caught on it.

We try to take day trips to spend some time together and get away from technology and the city. Lena is 11 years old and has had a fly rod in her hand since she was 7. One of her proudest days was when she tired her first Woolly Bugger! (See below.) And every Friday that we can, while eating dinner, we plug into F5 and watch the videos while eating pizza.

Those of you chasing trout and salmon in Michigan better keep an eye out for this blonde bomber, for she is sure to mature into an accomplished angler.

The first fly that Lena ever tied herself was this white Woolly Bugger, which looks pretty fishy.
Photo by Martin Turek

4 thoughts on “Photos of the Day: Lena’s Lunker”

  1. Enjoyed Tom’s carp on the fly video! Grew up catching trout with dough bait on the Mississippi River, they would nibble on that bat for a long time before take it Haven’t tried carp on a fly yet, got to find some clear water to catch them in. Bob

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