Photos of the Day: Maggie Mae in the Land of Giants

Written by: Maggie Mae Kuhlman, Lone Mountain Ranch

Maggie Mae is all smiles after landing this behemoth.
All photos courtesy Maggie Mae Kuhlman

[Editor’s note: Montana guide and former Trout Bum of the Week Maggie Mae Kuhlman sent in these killer photos, along with a brief description of the day on a special piece of water in northwestern Montana.]

When they named this piece of water, they were not messing around! After battling 40 mph winds while rowing the Missouri just below Craig, fellow Lone Mountain Ranch guide Jake Messinger suggested we make the short drive to “The Land of the Giants” in hopes of losing the wind for the day. This stretch of the Missouri River—accessible by foot or jet boat—is situated between Holter and Hauser Lakes and has the reputation of producing monster rainbows in the spring and equally amazing browns in the fall. I’d have to say it’s a reputation well-earned.

Tim Kuhlman got into the action, as well. Can’t let the wife have all the fun, right?

Guide Jake Messinger with another fine rainbow.

That’s a beautiful, bright fish that has surely come up out of Holter Lake.

Tim’s rocking the aviators in this classic pose.

These big fish put a serious bend in a fly rod.

9 thoughts on “Photos of the Day: Maggie Mae in the Land of Giants”

  1. How big are these fish, really? When you hold them up in front of the camera (like these people do) they look much bigger than they actually are..

  2. My family owns a house on holter so we are able to fish the land of the giants often…..there is no bs about it they are big. Trout 3-4 lbs is average. Not unheard of to catch fish above 5lbs plus all day there. Currents are super fast which is why you need a jet boat. But if you have yourself a good sink tip. Running streamers along the big boulders along the banks is very rewarding.

  3. Saw you guys at Hauser yesterday. It was busy but productive. The fish are colorful and healthy. I saw another guy there I know and he caught a 5 pounder! Wish I had a picture of that one. I did post a picture on our Facebook Page (CrossCurrents Fly Shop) of my friends nice 22″. Enjoy!

  4. Sweet looking trout, congrats! I have fished that stretch of water and can vouch that it holds some really nice trout.

  5. One should also visit the York Bar and then stop for a game of Cribbage in the Cribbage Capital of the World, Nelson, Montana!

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