Photos of the Day: Wild Brookies on Noname Creek

Written by: PJ Daley, Savage River Angler

The wild brookies of western Maryland are coloring-up nicely for fall.
Photos by Jim Lampros

I had good friends Jimmy Lampros and Brett McCrae out to Garrett County, Maryland to fish last weekend. They fished the lower Savage while I was floating clients down the North Branch Potomac on Saturday.I caught up with them Saturday afternoon for a few beers and to make a plan for Sunday, since I had it off. I decided they were special enough buds to go see some of the mid Atlantic’s best brook trout fishing on Noname Creek. Sunday morning, I met Jimmy, Brett, along with their companions–Jimmy’s Black Lab, Victor, and Brett’s dog, Lincoln.

Victor assesses his chances of catching this brookie.

We caught dozens of 8- to 11-inch brookies on dry flies. (And dozens more a little smaller than that.) They are starting to show some gorgeous fall color already. Noname Creek is gonna be fantastic again next year, given all the nice fish we’ve seen this year. Flows have been good in our small streams all summer from ample rainfall.

This is classic small-creek fishing, with anglers taking turns.

Former Trout Bum of the Week PJ Daley runs Savage River Angler in western Maryland, where fishes all the region’s famous rivers–the Youghiogheny, the Savage, the Castleman, and the North Branch of the Potomac. He also enjoys chasing wild brook trout, rainbows, and browns on some of the smaller streams in the area…but he’s certainly not saying which ones.

Hooked up to another wild brookie!

This brown came from the Lower Savage the day before our trip to Noname Creek.

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