Photos of the Day: Pre-Season Guide’s Day Out

Written by: Alicia White, Firehole Ranch

Guides like to do some fishing of their own before the real season starts and they just get to watch.
Photo courtesy Ryan Tomczyk

This is the time of year when guides have more time to fish before they are consumed with guiding, and the guys from Firehole Ranch are making the most of it! They are also loving the retro Orvis hat, as modeled by Ryan Tomczyk.

Ryan will surely be releasing plenty of fish on the rivers around West Yellowstone this summer and fall.
Photo courtesy Ryan Tomczyk

4 thoughts on “Photos of the Day: Pre-Season Guide’s Day Out”

  1. Awesome! Ryan Tomczyk is one of the best guides and fly fishing teachers in the country. He mentored me on my way to becoming a guide in GA.
    Great fish and great pictures, Ryan. Orvis and the Firehole Ranch are lucky to have you on board. Cheers brother!!

  2. Wow, what a beautiful fish! Nice job Ryan! Thanks for helping me out when I first got started! You truely are a steward of the land and rivers! I’m sure Mr. Brown didn’t mind cheesing for the camera for a quick second! Good job bud!!!!

  3. Come on now, if you keep posting pictures of professional guides holding fish like this, people are going to think its ok!

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