Photos of the Day: Record Ontario Smallmouth

That is a big slab of bronzeback.
Photos courtesy Colim McKeown

I received these photos in an email from my friend Colin McKeown, host of and producer of The New Fly Fisher TV show. He was pretty excited to tell me about a fish he’d just caught. I can see why:

Just finishing my northern Ontario trip, currently north of Sudbury. I caught an Ontario fly-fishing record-smallmouth: 22 inches long and approximately 7 pounds. Caught with Orvis Helios 6-weight on 10-pound tippet and successfully released. Bass ate a new fly known as the Gamechanger.

One thought on “Photos of the Day: Record Ontario Smallmouth”

  1. That’s a nice smallie! My biggest to date is 20 3/8″ that I caught last month in Wisconsin’s U.P. My guide estimated the weight to be in the 6# range.

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