Photos of the Day: Regional Managers’ Meeting on the Water at Falcon’s Ledge

Mid-Atlantic RBM, Doug Bear, shows off a sweet brown trout.
All photos by Doug Best

After the Outdoor Retailer SummerMarket in Salt Lake City earlier this month, a group of Orvis Regional Business Managers (RBM) headed to Falcon’s Ledge for some. . .uh. . .meetings. Yeah, that’s it, meetings.

I joke, of course. Because they live and work around the country, they have to get together a few times a year. It just so happens that where they get together offers great fishing. Anyway, Doug best, Northwest RBM, shot many of these great photos during a day on the river.

A slab brown with brilliant red spots.

Doug Bear hoist another hefty brown.

Doug Best unhooks a dry-fly-caught trout.

Guide Bryan Eldredge shows Doug Bear where the fish live.

Another dry-fly beauty.

Matching the hatch?

Orvis Rod & Tackle Director of Wholesale Bill Reed gets his streamer on.

Seriously trouty looking water.

Another one ready to go back.

A bent H2 is a thing of beauty.

Doug Best brings another to hand.

The colors of these wild fish are gorgeous.

A glorious end to the day.

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