Photos of the Day: Southeast Alaska Steelhead

That is a whole lot of wild Alaskan steelhead.
Photo by Tom Evenson

Andrew Pierce, Orvis Sporting Traditions Marketing Manager, took his first trip to Alaska last week, to chase steelhead at Alaska’s Boardwalk Lodge. Here’s a great sequence of him fighting and landing a 35-inch fish, which was also his first Pacific steelhead. Look for more on this story to come.

The fish put a serious bend in Andrew’s 8-weight.
Photo by Tom Evenson

The guide goes in with the net.
Photo by Tom Evenson

Photo by Tom Evenson

5 thoughts on “Photos of the Day: Southeast Alaska Steelhead”

  1. Awesome! Brad Steuart has a fantastic operation at Boardwalk Lodge. Southeast Alaska steelhead fishing is somewhat under the radar, but your pictures show the rewards are significant!

  2. My question would be, “what was his approach”, “what was his terminal tackle” he used to hook the steelhead?

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