Photos of the Day: Ted Williams and Fly Fishing

Since the Red Sox achieved a historic World Series victory at Fenway Park last night, I figured it was a good time to post some images of perhaps the greatest player ever to don the uniform in Boston, Ted Williams. The Splendid Splinter was quite the outdoorsman, and he had a particular love of fly fishing. His main quarry were bonefish, tarpon, and Atlantic salmon, but he was ready to cast to any sport fish available.

Ted Williams hits one out to right field at Fenway Park.
Photo courtesy Boston Public Library

Williams casts to a bonefish on Biscayne Bay guided by Frankie Albright, Jimmie Albright’s wife.
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Frankie Albright nets a big Florida bonefish, Williams’s favorite saltwater quarry.
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Teddy ballgame loved to teach kids about his passion for fishing.
Photo courtesy Boston Public Library

Williams shows off one of his patterns to St. Petersburg sportswriter Bob brumby
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A pensive Williams surveys the water on a Maine lake.
Photo courtesy Maine State Archives

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A novelty baseball bat fly rod, the “Bonefish Special,” made for Williams.

The “Bonefish Special” must have had a pretty fast action.
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Ted Williams’s Orvis Batten Kill bamboo fly rod caught plenty of fish.
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8 thoughts on “Photos of the Day: Ted Williams and Fly Fishing”

  1. In the 60’s and 70’s, my “wish book” was the Sears Hunting and Fishing catalogs with photos of Ted Williams doing every outdoor activity imaginable, and always looking so cool. You sure Ted’s not standing in a Gamefisher boat with a Sears fly rod? 😉

  2. I own a Vintage 1942 Ted Williams presidential triple crown 9’0″ fly rod and reel with matching leather carry cases embroidered with the Ted Williams signature as well as the triple crown emblem. The most amazing and unique thing about this outfit is that it has never been used, assembled or even had the rod or reel removed from their cases less than a dozen times over 70+ years. All the research and collectors, experts and fly fishing enthusiasts have not been able to find this particular outfit in mint condition anywhere. They have told me that if I ever decided to sell this outfit that I should not consider any amount under $5000. I have decided to sell it but not for anything near as much as $5000.

  3. I own Jimmie Albrights boat one Ted fished his last days on I bought it from Quince Bryans wife when he died he was a good friend of mine and of Jimmies.

    1. Mr. Lucht,
      Ted Williams had a very close friend named Henry Mayotte.
      I have researched Henry for almost 30 years and he was
      very private yet I have found some of the old timers from
      that period who knew him well. He and Ted fished will
      Albright, Brothers, Capt. Bill Curtis for years of friendship
      and fun. One thing I can definitely confirm is Ted’s depth
      of his love for his true friends. Henry’s relationship to Ted
      and his life story is something special. I bought Henry’s
      entire fly collection of his personal flies ( 1200 pieces )
      and we donated 88 flies to the American Museum of
      Flyfishing in Manchester, Vt. So my job is complete
      in that Henry will now be remembered for his talents
      but more importantly, his values. From time to time
      I try to keep up with current fly fishing news and I came
      across your comment at the Orvis site mentioning
      that you have Albright’s boat and it left me scratching
      my head as to the possibility that Henry and Ted
      might have fished out of that boat….so if possible you remember anything about Henry and
      thank you for receiving my inquiry.

      Bruce Dix

  4. I have a Ted Williams fly rod with cloth sleeve and metal case. It is in real good condition. Any idea of the approximate value?

  5. Can any one give me the pattern recipe for one of teds favorite flies, The Conrad. I cannot for the
    life of me find it on line. Thanks

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