Photos of the Day: The Magic of the Green

Written and photographed by: Andy Bennett

The Green River is an amazing fishery, but it can frustrate the best of us.
All photos by Andy Bennett

Recently, while fishing the Green River in Utah, I decided to ease my frustration and turn my camera to the rising fish, instead of failing miserably to fool them. The amazing water clarity and shallow depth allowed me to watch and track the rising fish. I sat and photographed for more than 30 minutes, before the pull to cast again became too strong. Eventually I did manage to a fool a few. The “in-hand” brown, likely the darkest I’ve seen, fell for a size 20 Matt’s Midge. Although challenging, the Green River below Flaming Gorge Reservoir is an amazing fishery that should be on everyone’s to-do list.

Andy Bennet is a photographer and photo editor who lives in Jackson, Wyoming. Check out his website and his blog, The Donkey Report.

7 thoughts on “Photos of the Day: The Magic of the Green

  1. Gary

    It definitely can be frustrating early in the year. The darkest brown I’ve ever caught was also there wading the Green. Looks very similar.

  2. Capkirk

    Number one spot on my bucket list right now. I have managed to check a few litems off but this one looms large!

  3. Ryan

    I’ve fished there a few times in 2008. There were two things I learned. 1) the fish have seen literally every fly imitation and aren’t fooled easily and 2) don’t go there in the middle of the summer. There are a ton of people that are floating down simply for a swim and jumping off of ledges.

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