Photos of the Day: The Perfect 40th Birthday Present

Written by: Jon Hill

Nobody feels old when he’s cradling a beautiful trout like this.
All photos courtesy Jon Hill

[Editor’s note: Colorado angler and blogger Jon Hill reached a milestone recently, and he sent in these photos showing how he spent his special day.]

Spring is quietly sneaking up on us here in Colorado, and something else that snuck up was my fortieth birthday. So I figured what better way to spend it than to skip out on work and drag a couple of my friends to the river with me. So Tom, Matt, and I headed down to the legendary Dream Stream section of the South Platte and had a pretty decent day.

The hike in offered spectacular colors in the sky.

Tommy landed a beast, and it wasn’t even his birthday.

Matt made sure that everyone got off to a great start.

It was his birthday, so we won’t comment on the perspective here.

The fish were hungry and gorgeous.

The dog is unimpressed that Matt has hooked up again.

Look at the shoulders on that trout!

12 thoughts on “Photos of the Day: The Perfect 40th Birthday Present”

  1. Great way to spend your 40th birthday, congrats on the beautiful fish and the time spent with your buddies on the water!

  2. Great looking day and fish on the dream stream!! Got lucky enough to hook a couple of those last week too! Congrats!

  3. 9′ 8wt. The Restigouche river New Brunswick fishing the king of sport fish Atlantic salmon. Would the rod hold up? I’d like to find out.

  4. I would love to win a Helios 2 5-weight 9′ Fly Rod—Tip Flex for troutfishing in the mountains of Norway.

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