Photos of the Day: Tom’s Bunny Connection Comes Through Again

What better present to kick off your Tuesday than a bunch of amputated bunny limbs?
All photos by Phil Monahan

Do these things happen where you work? About a half hour ago, Sporting Traditions Administrator Jody Frederick walked into our pod with a grocery bag and announced, “They’re here!” Tom jumped out of his chair with a look of glee, took the bag, and peered inside like a kid opening a Christmas present.

It took me a second, but then I realized what was going on: Tom’s annual stash of snowshoe-hare feet had arrived. Jody’s husband, Karl, loves to run his Beagles during the winter, and he ends up with plenty of feet that Tom and his buddies can use to tie patterns such as  Rosenbauer’s CDC Rabbit’s Foot Emerger.

At least I know that Tom will be in a great mood all day. . .

It’s tough to beat wild-hare feet, which generally feature longer hairs than farm-raised ones.

Tom called this batch the best he’s ever seen, and he’s already planning how to use these great hairs.

The inspection continues, as Tom determines which feet go to which buddies.

Karl Frederick and his beagles are the real source of Tom’s materials largesse.

11 thoughts on “Photos of the Day: Tom’s Bunny Connection Comes Through Again”

  1. Lucky! Snowshoe hare’s feet have been hard to find this winter, I haven’t been able to find any. All the local shops haven’t had any success either

  2. They’re the best. I have one left from the batch two years ago. It is precious to me. I am torn between tying more flies with it and saving it to tie more flies in the future. Of course, that presumes that I have time to actually go fish the flies I have now….decisions, decisions….

  3. What about jack rabbit feet? Will those work as well. Not too many snowshoe hares down here in Texas!

    1. neat fly! ill have to tie a few up. i like the glue on the thread trick at the end. thanks for that vid

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