Photos of the Day: Trout Fishing in Greece?

This beautiful native Greek brown needs protection from poachers.
Photo by Dimitri

I received a fascinating email from a Greek angler named Dimitri today.This is interesting for two reasons: 1. I’ve never met a Greek fly fisherman, although I assumed they existed, and 2. I’ve never seen photos of Greek trout or rivers. Here’s Dimitri’s account of his fly-fishing world. (I have edited for clarity.):

This is a Greek endemic wild brown trout (salmo trutta fario dentex) caught on a size 18 Adams Parachute on a beautiful small stream in Greece. This is the third time I catch this fish; I suppose catch and release does work.

Unfortunately the crisis here in Greece led to the increase of poachers in our rivers. Harpoon guns, electricity, gas, and nets are some of their weapons. In our effort to do something, we made the first Greek-only fly fishing club for the preservation of the wild trout called “astreos” (like the first river in ancient Greece that was mentioned in a description of something like fly fishing ). There are only a few fly fishermen in Greece, and fortunately we all have the mentality of the real fly fisher (catch and release only). Let’s  hope that in the years to com,e more become fly fishers or at least they have the education needed to protect our rivers, because as it is now we are heading towards  the 0 point .

Since I don’t have any good photos of the stream where I caught the brown trout, here s another one and bonus picture of my girlfriend (maybe the only woman flyfisher in Greece) with a small rainbow (an escapee from a fish farm) .

Tight lines and καλημερα from sunny Greece.

It’s great to know that there are anglers looking out for the Greek trout and their habitat. Let’s hope they succeed. I’ll ask Dimitri to update us occasionally.

A newly founded organization seeks to protect Greek trout and rivers.
Photo by Dimitri

This little rainbow must have escaped from a local fish farm.
Photo by Dimitri

15 thoughts on “Photos of the Day: Trout Fishing in Greece?”

  1. It would be great to see Greece and also fly fish. How and who might one contact, maybe Dimitri, to arrange a guide?

    Thanks Dimitri.

    1. I lived in Athens in 1958-1960.We fished in the Peloponnese at Tripoli and I believe megaloposis or near that.o these streams exist and where are they

  2. Fished in greece some times with fly, not only for trouts, also for barbels(barbus albanicus) to. Wonderful fish!
    Dimitri, which area of greece are you fishing in?

  3. thanx phil for publishing the photos and the mail and thank u all for the good words lets hope we make something with this organization cause this year was the worst season ever , imagine that 3 of the biggest rivers didnt produce any fish at all , i fish in all parts of greece for all the species that can be caught on a fly ( trout,pike,perch,barbel,carp and ofcourse saltwater species) , for example at the end of september i will try at santorini and naxos for ribbonfish and mediteranean baracuda .

    i dont want to give any info about rivers (names etc) in the open for obvius reasons but for more info i would be glad to help anyone my mail is

    and ofcourse i will update occasionally

    ps mathias u say barbel ah its one of my favorites, near my city we have the barbus barbus that get real big i use czech nymphs and do nymph sight fishing. At june i caught this one with a 7w rod .

  4. Dimitri!!

    Hello patrioti!! My dad is from Kalamata, and there are many spring water streams that are on Mt Tayegetus. always wondered what’s in them. Im bringing my fly rod on the next visit. thanks for posting this story


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