Photos of the Day: Two Big Ones from the Metolius

The rainbows of the Metolius are known for their stunning colors.
Photo by Brian O’Keefe

I got a great email from my friend, Brian O’Keefe yesterday, which contained these photos. O’keefe has been one of fly fishing’s top photographers for more than two decades, and he is one of the founders of Catch Magazine. I love the fact that he’s comfortable sending cell-phone pics because the fish are so great, and that’s more important to him than photographic “artistry.” Here’s what he said about the images:

Here are a couple of iPhone pics from yesterday: a 28.5 inch bull trout and a colorful rainbow. Both were caught on Oregon’s Metolius River, and both took a size 16 Anato May nymph. I was casting a slow-action 5-weight–not a typical bull trout stick–and snow was falling pretty good.

Click below for a video on how to tie the Anato May nymph that Brian was using.

That’s a lot of bull trout to hook and land on a 5-weight, slow-action rod.
Photo by Brian O’Keefe

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