Photos of the Day: Winter Rainbows on the Metolius

The Metolius rainbows are colorful and fine-spotted.
Photos by Brian O’Keefe

For a couple of decades, Brian O’Keefe was one of the sport’s premier photographers, but now that he’s retired, he spends more time actually fishing. Yesterday, he sent me these great images, along with a note:

Today, I did my 90 minutes on the Metolius. A lot of medium-size brown caddisflies were ovipositing, and the big silver-striped sedges were dive-bombing, also. I rigged a size 14 Tungsten-beadhead Brown Caddis Emerger and landed two nice rainbows and two chunky whitefish. I mostly fish alone, and I took a camera, but not a good DSLR: just my trusty little Olympus Tough. The size of a deck of cards, it’s rugged and waterproof and makes for a great wader-pouch camera. The fish never came out of the water (Keep ’em Wet), and all the beauty that wild Metolius rainbows have was recorded in a simple and fast way.

5 thoughts on “Photos of the Day: Winter Rainbows on the Metolius”

  1. What a great way to lead by example while sharing simple tactics to get these superb photographs! Thank you!

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