Photos: Overnight Kayak Trip in the Florida Keys

bonefish and redfish
A pair of 8-pounders—one bonefish, one redfish—make for a killer double for Chris and Dan. (Photo by Chris Lewis)

[Editor’s note: Chris Lewis of the Skinny Water Culture blog sent me these photos in an email, along with a note.] 

Here are a few shots from an overnight paddle trip in the Keys I did with a couple buddies. I was on my SUP, and they were on kayaks. The weather and fishing were phenomenal. We even had shots at tailing permit and laid up tarpon, but we had to settle for a couple bonefish and a bunch of big reds.


The next best thing after a double catch is a double release. (Photo by Chris Lewis)


Redfish in the sunse
Redfish in the sunset. (Photo by Chris Lewis)


sup sunset
Chris heads into the sunset on his tricked-out standup paddleboard. (Photo by Dan Diez)


Keys Redfish
Small watercraft allow you to sneak up on big redfish. (Photo by Dan Diez)


florida bonefish
Dan with a sweet bonefish. (Photo by Chris Lewis)


Florida Keys redfish
A redfish glows in the evening light. (Photo by Dan Diez)


florida keys bonefish
Chris got his bonefish, as well. (Photo by Dan Diez)


Keys SUP sunset
A man and his SUP silhouetted against a glorious sunset. (Photo by Dan Diez)

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  1. Beautiful fish and those bones are really nice. I haven’t seen too many pics with bones in the Bahamas or Belize that are that big! Great to see those being caught in the Keys!

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