Photos: A Plethora of Permit in Mexico

Written by: Doc Thompson

This fish is about ten times the size of the mountain trout Doc usually catches.
Photos courtesy Doc Thompson

I recently returned from my annual hosted trip to Playa Blanca and Casa Blanca Lodges. The week at Playa Blanca was all about permit. The group combined for 11 permit landed, several break-offs, and a handful of fumbled takes. Here is proof that a trout bum fly-fishing guide like myself can be in the right place on the right day at the right time with a Helios 2 10-weight and Recon 9-weight and somehow make the right cast and presentation to the right permit that were happy and wanting to eat. Permit fishing at it’s finest!

Doc Thompson is an Orvis-Endorsed Guide in northern New Mexico, a former Trout Bum of the Week, and an Orvis contract fly tier.

These are some seriously powerful fish.

Doc shares the moment with a guide.

Even the smaller ones put a serious bend in a 9- or 10-weight.

Guest Junior Stelzer got in on the action, as well.

Setting the hook in those lips is easier said than done.

One thought on “Photos: A Plethora of Permit in Mexico”

  1. Cool fish, Doc and Junior! Looking forward to fishing with you guys again (and to replenish my supply of Copenhagen!)
    Regards, Petrus Gous

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