Photos: “River Monsters” Filmed in Vermont!

“River Monsters” host Jeremy Wade shows off a gar with guide Drew Price
All photos courtesy Drew Price

A few weeks ago, we posted about an episode of “River Monsters” that focused on tarpon in Nicaragua. That was cool, but it’s even more exciting that part of this week’s episode was actually filmed right in our back yard, and Jeremy Wade was guided by none other than Drew Price, frequent contributor to this here blog.

Check out these awesome pictures, as Drew puts Wade onto some bowfin and gar. Okay, they’re not exactly monsters, but they’re pretty monstrous-looking fish. The episode premiered last Sunday night, and you can catch it again next Sunday at 8 p.m. Or, you can watch it on

Drew wrote his account of the experience on his blog. Check it our here: part 1 and part 2.

Wade with a good-size Lake Champlain bowfin.

Unfortunately for Drew, only his butt made it into the final edit of the show.

Gloves are important when you’re handling gar.

That bowfin looks decidedly unmonstrous, doesn’t it?

The cameraman’s job is to stand there and wait. . .and wait.

Gloves are off for the hero shot!

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