Photos: Same Fish, Different Day

Check out the pattern of five spots right behind the eye. . .
Photos by Jon Hill

Way back in May 2013, we posted a couple photos by Jon Hill, which showed how he had caught the same brown trout twice. Well, yesterday Jon sent in the photos here, along with an explanatory note:

Happy New Year! I’m off to a pretty decent start here in Denver. You posted my photos a few years ago when I caught the same fish a couple of weeks apart. Well, wouldn’t you know, I did it again. I caught this guy back in mid December and again this past weekend. The markings are identical and caught in the same area. I have nothing against keeping what you catch if that is your style, but I’ve always said that I would rather catch a fish multiple times than eat it just once.

Has this happened to anyone else?

Jon Hill lives in Littleton, Colorado and works in the digital-graphics field. But he spends almost all his spare time chasing trout in the high country, and his photos have been featured many times on the Orvis News. (See herehere, and here, for just a taste, or visit his blog, Ramblings.) He’s also a former Trout Bum of the Week.

. . .and Oops, he did it again! That’s a pretty good case for catch-and-release.

4 thoughts on “Photos: Same Fish, Different Day”

  1. Two years ago, I caught the same bass a few weeks apart in March in an Ohio River tributary. It took a nearly identical streamer each time. The fish was easy to ID by a scar on its back. Always good to see the positive effects of C&R!

  2. Twice this fall I caught the same bass on the same day. One had a torn gill and the other I broke my drop shot rig off and one hour later caught him with my rig still in his mouth on the same color worm.

  3. My son caught a tagged black drum a few years ago. We always send the tag info into the SC DNR to help with their research. Well, a year later I caught the same black drum. It was cool to see how much it had grown.

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