Photos: Streamer-Eating Browns in SE Minnesota

Written by: Toby Halley

Toby Halley (left) and fishing buddy, Rick, show off a double on nice Minnesota brown trout.
Photos courtesy Toby Halley

I got out last weekend with my buddies on a new stretch of water in southeastern Minnesota. My good friend Rick and I “guided” one of our friends and were able to get him on four very good-looking trout. The streamer bite was absolutely phenomenal. I ended up landing five, Rick pulled in six, and we missed about 15 others. The strange thing about our outing was how aggressively the fish were feeding: they would come back to the streamer two or three times, sometimes even after feeling the hook. The best part about the experience was seeing our friend so joyful to be holding nice fish and getting him hooked on trout fishing.

Toby Halley lives and fishes in Minnesota. Check out his “3 Keys to Finding Bigger Trout” post from last summer.

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