Photos: The Madison Channels in February?

Brady with a beautiful Madison rainbow. Would you ever guess that this photo was taken in February?
Photos courtesy Firehole Ranch

Josh Duchateau and Brady Hughes, Firehole Ranch guides, have been taking advantage of the unseasonably warm weather here in Montana to spend even more time on the water. Josh says, “This has to be the warmest winter I have experienced anywhere in my life. Pray for snow! I actually have green grass sprouting in my yard. The pictures are from the Madison River in the Channels section near Ennis, which is generally u-fishable due to ice jams…but not this year.”

Normally, you’d expect to see ice in the Channels, near Ennis.

Another brownie fell for the nymph.

One hopes that the lack of snow doesn’t cause big problems in summertime, but for now, it’s pretty fun.

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