Photos: Week Two of The “20 September Days” Contest 2020

My week 2 was a mixture of mountain brook trout and lowland bass.

It’s Day 14 of our “20 September Days” Photo Contest, which means that we are almost halfway through our challenge. So far, I’ve missed just three days; how about you? 

It’s still not too late for you to get in on the action. You don’t need to hit 20 days to take part; all we’re looking for is a good effort at getting out as often as you possibly can. Heck you can fish one day this month and still enter the photo contest. At the end of the month, we’re picking three winners and offering some killer prizes, including a Helios 3 Fly Rod.

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Below are a dozen great shots from the second week of the month on Instagram. (There are lots on Facebook, too, but they’re harder to share.) We look forward to seeing hundreds more! Leave a comment telling us how many days you’ve managed so far.

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Day 13. #20sepdays #orvisflyfishing started out great with a nice hearty breakfast of farmers market potatoes, onions, garlic , eggs and venison and elk steaks with @tervlady and Brother Tomas. Very tasty. Then things went downhill when our well stopped working out of the blue and #swanvalleyidaho filled with smoke such that it ruined our plans for a drive on the backside of #palisadesreservoir to look at some early fall color, grouse hunt and fish some of the small creeks. So a last minute evening float turned everything around!!! Maybe the smoke all day fooled the bugs and the trout into thinking it was an overcast day because they were both popping like crazy. Floated this same water probably 6-8 times in the last 13 days to no avail until this evening. Let’s just say I really enjoyed myself and finished the day of right!!! #southforksnakeriver Slam. Rainbows, Hybrids, Browns and #nativecutthroattrout

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A Gift From the River 🔴⚫🔵🌕🎃 . . . . I had the privilege of connecting with this magnificent big Buck the other morning only a few pools upstream from where, I had just minutes earlier, landed what was briefly my personal best Brown Trout on the fly. For whatever reason, this incredible creature, an apex predator, and the king of his haunt, saw me fit to be his adversary. We are both zealots. He, in defense of his territory, and I, in pursuit of my quarry. Dawning an awesome display of spawning colours, like war paint, and yielding a well developed kype, he came forth and engulfed my fly with fervor. We were now connected. . . Once he realized a trap had been set, one that he had entered willingly no less, the fight was ON. The match was hard fought, forcing us to battle the rivers' relentless flow in addition to eachother at alternating times throughout. Although it felt like time had stopped, I could feel the advantage was mine after a few minutes and once able to do so, he was brought to the net. Standing in the midst of that awesome place, feeling the rivers endless current flowing against me, I removed the single, barbless hook, and took a few moments to observe him, then immortalize the moment. The battle was finished, and he was released embarrassed, but unharmed. . . It's a strange mix of feelings being victorious but also humbled by an experience at the same time. Early success can be fraught with pitfalls in psychology, I will try to stay cognisant of that, as mornings like that are the exception and definitely not the norm. Either way, I will be back, grateful for this gift from the river and the connection with this fish. He, his kind, and the river system they call home now have an ally in me forever. 🙏🌳🏞️🐠🌎 . . . . #browntrout #trout #salmotrutta #catchandrelease #fishing #flyfishing #troutfishing #flyfishinglife #flyfishingaddict #orvisflyfishing #20sepdays #keepfishwet #keepemwet #nature #wild #wildlife #naturelover #troutbum #troutofinsta #fishbum #fishingphotography #ontarionature #ontario #canada #canada🇨🇦 #brooktrout #rainbowtrout #keepfishwet #keepemwet

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#orvisflyfishing #20sepdays Day 8 – Hopper

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