Photos: Why Guides Love the Off Season

Written by Josh Berry

The author caught this fine brown trout on a “guide’s holiday” on the Gallatin River.
All photos courtesy Lone Mountain Ranch

As summer comes to a close here in southwestern Montana, I am finding myself with substantially more free time than I have had over the past couple months. Luckily, some of big browns in the Gallatin are getting fired up and ready for the spawn, so they have been occupying my time quite nicely. Thankfully, they are even cooperating for some of the beginner fly-fisherman, such as Micalah (below), I have had out recently.

Josh Berry splits his time between working in the shop and guiding at Lone Mountain Ranch.

During the pre-spawn, even big fish become a little reckless in their feeding habits.

Even Lone Mountain Fishing Manager John McKinnie is getting out of the office and in on the action.

This was the first brown trout that Micalah ever caught. She might be a little spoiled now.

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