Pick the Winner of our 2020 “Local Slam” Contest!

A southwestern Vermont Local Slam.

As part of this year’s “20 Days in September” Photo Contest, we introduced the Local Slam category, which asked entrants to submit at least 4 photos of different species caught during the month of September, using the hashtags above plus #localslam. The idea was to create your own slam, featuring whatever species are available in waters near you.

To be honest, there weren’t as many Local Slam entrants as I’d hoped, perhaps because this was the first year. But among those who submitted different species, there were four anglers who stood out. Check out their submitted photos below, and then use the widget to vote for your favorite! The winner of the Local Slam category will receive a $100 Orvis Gift Card.

Entrants are listed in alphabetical order, and you can use whatever criteria you’d like–number of species, quality of images, etc.–to decide your vote.

David Anderson (@davidanderson683)

Alan Downie (@I84river)

Winifred “Winnie” Leddy (@winnieinwaders)

Brian Roberts (@brobulan)

Cast your vote below!

Voting will be open through Sunday, October 11, at 11:59 p.m.

17 thoughts on “Pick the Winner of our 2020 “Local Slam” Contest!”

  1. All great entries. I had to lean Louisiana though as my quarantine has looked a lot like Brian Roberts’ slam. Love those river bass and assorted sunfish. Nothing better than wet wading on a hot Louisiana day.

    1. Thanks Chris! The contest definitely got me out exploring new waters in the area, I’ve found some great spots I’ll be going back to

  2. Thank you! This was so much fun. I loved exploring and learning every riffle and whole in my home water the Cumberland.

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