Pictures of the Day: High-Country Cutthroat

Written by: Phil Monahan

Hill 1

This is what makes a long hike and a lot of casting worthwhile.

photo by Jon Hill

Colorado angler and blogger Jon Hill sent in these photos, along with the story behind them:

A couple of friends and I hiked up to 12,000 feet on a Saturday night, set up camp, and fished a couple of lakes the next morning. Luckily, we hit the lakes at the right time, with both of them being about 50% iced-off. The fishing wasn’t on fire, but throwing streamers all morning with my 5-weight Helios paid off with this beauty of a cutthroat!

Hill 4

Getting there is half the fun.

photo by Jon Hill

Hill 2

It’s not quite summer in the high country of Colorado.

photo by Jon Hill

Hill 3

Kicking back around the fire after a long day on the trail and the water.

photo by Jon Hill

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