REPOST: Picture(s) of the Day: “Beat That!” Bonefish

Written by: Capt. Neil Sigvartsen

Editor’s Note: This one needed a correction so big, I thought it worth a repost. In the original post on July 22, Captain Sigvartsen’s fish was initially listed at 13 pounds, when, in fact, it was 18 pounds. That raises the “Holy Moly!” factor to another level entirely.

Pelican Point Bone

Capt. Neil Sigvartsen displays an 18-pound Grand Bahama bonefish—one of the
benefits of being the first one out of the truck at a new fishing spot.

photo courtesy Capt. Neil Sigvartsen

We parked at Pelican Point on the East End of Grand Bahama Island. I was rigged and ready, so I was able to beat my buddies to the flat. Before I even got in the water, I looked down the sandy flat to see about eight fish coming toward me. At first I thought they were ‘cudas because of their size, but as they got closer I realized that they were the biggest bonefish I’d ever seen.

My heart racing, I stripped line out as fast as possible and made one cast. Two of the bones started fighting for the Gotcha pattern that Capt. Dan Malzone had made for me, and the bigger one ate it. After a 20-minute fight, the brute was finally landed. As I released the fish, I told my buddies, “Beat that!” We caught lots of bones in the 7- to 9-lb. class for the rest of the day, and saw very few under 5 lbs.

Pelican Point Bone 2

Captain Neil takes a bow.

photo courtesy Capt. Neil Sigvartsen

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